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Cat Football!

October 14, 2005 by Herald Leader  
Filed under Mark Cornelison, Sports

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Cat football!

I just spent two weeks in Mississippi, and I was really looking forward to shooting some football. Even UK football. I say that just because we may try not to be fans, but it’s hard not to want the team you shoot the most to win. Is that too much to ask. I’m sure alot of fans think that the Herald-Leader is out to make UK look bad all the time, but I can tell you that is not the case. We are there to tell the story of the game win or lose. Are we going to shoot UK celebrating a touchdown when they lost the game 70-7? No. We are going to show Andre’ Woodson getting sacked for the 5th time and the disgust on his face as South Carolina celebrates the sack behind him. This is the story of the game. It is what we are trying to show. We get some complaints sometime from people saying we make the Cat’s look bad. It is not our fault when the Cat’s look bad. It’s just our job to show it! Thank goodness Big Blue Madness is tonight!


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