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Easy job?!

March 31, 2006 by Mark Cornelison  
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I have heard people talking before about how easy the job of photographer would be. While I see this as a ridiculous statement, I won’t go into that right now. What I will do, is give yet another and “new” example of how hard the job is. Forget about the skill it takes to be able to capture a moment in a split second with correct composition, exposure and focus. Let’s talk about what the job now entails before even taking the first photo.
I am in Indianapolis to photograph the Final Four. I arrived late afternoon on Wednesday because we had to be at the RCA Dome early Thursday morning. You may be asking why we needed to be there that early with the games being on Saturday, and I actually was not sure myself, but it would not take long to find out. My new nemesis is Ethernet cable.
We have all heard of it and probably 80% of houses today have some of it in their house for their computer. It is now one of the new tools of digital photography, and of covering an event or ball game with a late start. We ran just over 1000 Ft of cable from the photo editing room to 7 camera positions in the arena.
The second game on Saturday night starts around 9:00 and the same on Monday night for the National Championship. It gives us the ability to shoot the game and actually send the photos from the floor to an editor in an editing room. From there the photos are cropped, toned, captioned, and put out on the wire for newspapers Nationwide. There is alot of competition for getting photos out first and now these games have become a battle of the latest technology. The area behind the basket is now a quagmire of Ethernet cables, routers, laptops, and power strips. It is not a pretty sight. Cable everywhere. Ah technology!

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