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Flavors of Kentucky

May 18, 2006 by Mark Cornelison  
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As I continue to recover from a long Derby week of early mornings it is back to business as usual. Before leaving for the Derby I was working closely with Herald-Leader food writer Sharon Thompson on a cookbook called “Flavors of Kentucky”, tentatively due out in late fall. Sharon and I had just over two weeks to do the entire book, photo wise, before I left for Derby. It was a pretty intensive 2+ weeks with Sharon cooking 7-8 dishes a day at her house for me to photograph and on other days we traveled around the State photographing special dishes at historic Kentucky restaurants like Boone Tavern and the Brown Hotel to name a few. On other days we found ourselves in places like Poosey Ridge photographing at the Blue Moon Garlic farm you see here.
Going out into different parts of the State was a lot of fun and gave me a chance to take my girlfriend, and photographer, Amy Wallot with us, who, being from northern Michigan had not seen a lot of rural Kentucky. While with us she snapped a few photos of us to document the event!
Photos by: Amy Wallot

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