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Early Bird Gets the Worm

July 13, 2006 by Tricia Spaulding  
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060712jrleaguests012 It really is true.

Being early pays off.

Some days more than others.

I happen to be covering the Junior League Horse Show at The Red Mile last night. I was really nervous about the assignment because I had never covered an event like this, never been to Red Mile and was unsure about how I was going to approach the evening. That is the perfect recipe for butterflies in the tummy and a little sweat on the brow. It is necessary to have confidence in what you do, but sometimes the nerves get the best of you.

The competition didn’t start until 7, but I had another assignment in the barns at 6. I completed it and headed over to find a good spot for the competition and to check out the track. I noticed a group of children with stick horses and realized I had hit the jackpot.
I hung around and noticed these two children that were awfully cute together. I anticipated a few smiles, but this was better. I think it was the funnest surprise I could have found at the track.

060712jrleaguests005 Spike, the Lexington Horseman’s mascot, brought the children onto the track for the race. After Bella Falcone got a good look at him, she couldn’t really decide whether she liked him or not. (She later waved at him, so I guess she decided she like him.)

060712jrleaguests007 This sport is very difficult to photograph. That is all I can really say about it. I was on deadline so I had less than an hour to photograph, which meant only a few classes. (That is how they categorize competitions.) Sports is difficult to photograph because the action happens so quickly, and it tends to all look the same at the end of the day.

I learned a lot about this sport, and I learned a lot about how I should approach sports in general. I am glad I had the opportunity to do something different and to practice sports. The only way to get better is to practice. And I need a lot of it. I just wish the Herald staff didn’t make things look so easy.

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One Response to “Early Bird Gets the Worm”
  1. Mike W says:

    What a great series of shots, so very well done!

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