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Fairly Fun

July 13, 2006 by Tricia Spaulding  
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Fairs are always fun. But the rain is not always fun. Although I have always been a fan of playing in the rain, I have not always been one of photographing in the rain.
I had great luck two nights in a row. It did not rain on me while I was at the Junior League Horse Show, nor did it rain while I was at the Lions Club Bluegrass Fair. Thank goodness.
While I was looking forward to going, there were very few people who decided to show up for one reason or another. There was more rain in the forecast, but I was hopeful the park would fill up. It didn’t.
I found myself wondering if I was capable of finding a unique picture.
I know this picture had been done before, but I think I have become a fan of shadowing. This picture was exposed for the background, which was a very bright sky. I then stopped my fstops down 2 to put the swings in shadow. (My exposure was ISO100, f22, 1/125 shutter.) Of course there are different ways you can attempt this… but I wanted the swings to be fairly focused.

Fairs are always full of suprises. Don Cassady, a 7-foot-18-inch cowboy, was playing with these children, passing them through his legs. They giggled and giggled as the little boy kept asking the cowboy why he was so tall. Although I didn’t get the exact picture I wanted, I think it is a fun picture.

I was on deadline, and had very little space in the paper for my pictures, so I did not get to stay for very long. But, I did get some practice in on photographing people’s reactions on rollercoasters and rides, which is actually a lot harder than you think it is.

I found that if you find a person that you think is making/or will make a great expression, you hold the camera still and wait for their cart to make it around. This ride was set up like the tea cups, so the carts went around in a group of four, and then around in a bigger circle, which is hard to follow a cart. I just waited for the cart to come around and then snapped the girls as they tried not to get sick on this ride!

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2 Responses to “Fairly Fun”
  1. christina says:

    is there any other pictures from the fair that have not been posted

  2. Tricia says:

    Yes, there are more photos. We actually posted a multimedia presentation today with a lot more photos from the fair. I hope you enjoy it.

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