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Project Dateline

July 22, 2006 by David Stephenson  
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Black Gnat, Ky.

In response to a question from friend and fellow photojournalist Jonathan Adams:

“I like what you and Charles Bertram are doing with your Dateline projects, I’m just curious about the background on features.

Since I can’t see the paper in Wyoming how is the feature being played and also what is your search for the subjects and approach to the subject.

Keep them coming. It feels like what Newspaper photography should feel like. It’s time coverage of the other 85% of the population begins to get documented.


Glad you like the Dateline slide shows. They’ve been a real pleasure to shoot. The play in the paper has been all over the board. The first one was a secondary strip across the top of the feature section. Another couple of them were on the front page, centerpiece. Others were centerpieced on the feature front. I’ll post some pdfs of the pages when I can dig them up.

Picnic, Ky.

Our approach to the subjects is almost always the same. Reporter Amy Wilson and meet up early (like 5am), drive, look for signs of any living person when we get there, and start asking questions. We’re usually heading back out of town in under three hours. Amy and I always remark at how willing people are to bring us into their homes and yards to talk about themselves and the place they live. What’s great about these stories is that anything and everything is fair game. This is a great example of why I love my job: I get to explore, meet great people, shoot photos, and get paid for it.

There are gobs of great place names in Kentucky, so there is never a problem finding one. We pretty much just base our decision on not much more than our mood at the time and what direction we haven’t been lately. We’ve also been getting some good recommendations from readers who are responding well to the stories and photos.

Charles Bertram and Dave Perry have also been shooting some of these. Next up, Poodledoo. Or maybe Number One.

Barefoot, Ky.

Chicken Bristle, Ky.

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One Response to “Project Dateline”
  1. Jamie G. says:

    And! Our lovely intern Tricia Spaulding shot in Pleasureville!

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