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A time to heal.

August 30, 2006 by Mark Cornelison  
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Flight 5191 had a major impact on the entire Country. Although I was not part of the coverage on the day of the crash the coverage continues and actually spreads out. As the shock and sadness of the initial news of the crash start to level off for people the true sense of loss is felt and a feeling of "what can I do now" starts to come over all of us. We now know the names and faces of those lost. It does not matter if you knew them or not. It still hurts. Unless you knew someone who was on the flight I’m not sure any of us can understand the true pain but we still feel the loss. The families of the passengers of 5191 have each other now and are trying to cope with totally changed lives.Today they  are going to visit the site of the crash. I hope that gives them some feeling of closure. For the rest of us, like 19 yr old Whitney Johnson, there is a memorial at the Blue Grass Airport in the first parking lot you pass on your right when entering the airport where you can go pay your respects and leave flowers if you like. I hope it helps.

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