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November 28, 2006 by Mark Cornelison  
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OK so it is fourth down  in the fourth quarter and UK has a chance to beat Tennessee for the first time in over a decade. What do you do? You get the shot of course… but which shot. There is a million things going through your head- The actual play, the reaction, the coach, will I get blocked, where should I be? There is never a right answer so you just put yourself where you think you should be. You remind yourself you that you are a professional and that you are supposed to KNOW where to be and not be nervous. We all get a little nervous but I think it’s more adrenalin than nerves. As the final play unfolded I thought for sure they would come to my side. They had had alot of success throwing to the right and Jacob Tamme had been killing Tennessee all day. Well the guess of Tamme was right but Woodson over threw the ball badly and no one had a chance for it. I followed the ball to the endzone but as it flew high out of bounds, I pulled the camera back and looked for Woodson who I found sitting in disbelief of the throw and how close they had come. If we back up a quarter or so you see a missed field goal that , if it had been made ,would have had us shooting some celebration as UK kicks a short game winner instead of coming just short once again.

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