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The thrill of victory…

December 2, 2006 by Mark Cornelison  
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I have covered about 11 or 12 state football championships since I have
been on staff at the Herald-Leader. Every year it’s a challenge with 4
games in two days, usual bad weather, and how to tell the story. It’s a freeeezing day in Louisville and I have three 2+ hour games to shoot in the cold. Tough to look forward to, but I do. It’s my job and I love it. As for the games, I shot them all but focused more on the Mercer County game and the Danville game since those are Herald-Leader area schools. Mercer
County wins the game, goes undefeated and Cory Jackson is the games MVP. What more do you want in a photo? Story told.

Many fans/parents would argue that you don’t put any bad or sad photos in especially of the losing team. They would also say that the only reason we would put those kinds of photos would be to "sell papers", or some other crazy reason. Truth is photographers are story tellers. We shoot what is there and tell the story, so when a team, who has worked hard for months preparing for this game, loses the title game they feel it. You feel it. Or at least I’m gonna do my best to make you feel it with my photos

Can you feel it?

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One Response to “The thrill of victory…”
  1. Allan says:

    I can feel it. And I am glad you conveyed what you felt.

    That’s what photographers do.

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