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Basketball practice

January 12, 2007 by Mark Cornelison  
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Today was  a pretty cool day with a slow start. I started out at Keeneland where one of our features writers, Amy Wilson, was out and about trying to find this celebrity chef named Bobby Flay, I think. I jokingly told her I thought we were looking for Flavor Flav! Whoever we were looking for was not there though so we just hung at the Keeneland sales hoping he may appear but he didn’t so I bailed.

I went from there to the new UK practice facility where Tubby made some comments about Saturday’s game and then I toured the new facility shooting photos for a slide show you can see here!CLICK HERE!
I gotta say it is cool walking the halls where most people are not allowed too. Seeing things first. It’s definitely a perk! I don’t have the actual files at home with me so I am posting this thumbnail.

Go check out the facility. Really cool. Makes you wish you had a private gym to go in whenever you want!

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