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Coach Billy G.

April 7, 2007 by Charles Bertram  
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Somewhere in the country, nearly every day a coach is either fired or hired. But when UK hires a new coach, it is BIG news. Yesterday, Billy Gillispie became only the 21st head coach in the 104 years of UK basketball. A hastily scheduled pep rally was set for 12:15 p.m. in Memorial Coliseum to officially introduce Billy G. to students and fans. Arriving about an hour early, I checked the various locations that I thought would make the best photograph of Gillispie when he walked onto the court for the first time. Myself and several other photographers decided the upper level balcony would provide the best view of both the new coach and the 5000 fans. We all had our exposures set for the bright light in the gym, but as soon as Gillispie stepped on the floor, to our surprise, the overheads lights were turned off and only a misplaced spotlight was used to illuminate the coach. Not having time to adjust the ISO setting on my camera, I tried a long exposure in an automatic mode. In the middle of that exposure I decided it wasn’t going to work so I pulled the camera down and went quickly to the stage. Later, when editing my images, I discovered I had made an interesting image of Gillispie waving to the crowd just as I pulled my camera down. The Herald-Leader chose not to use that image in the print paper but it is one of the images in our slide show at

Canon EOS-1D with 16mm lens
ISO 640, 1/4 at f2.8 in aperture priority mode

Charles Bertram/Staff


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4 Responses to “Coach Billy G.”
  1. Jamie G. says:

    Charles! I love this! I wish it had been in the paper!

  2. renaye sparks says:

    Welcome Billy G- It’s obvious that you are going to be a great fit! We are with you and our beloved Wildcat’s all the way. I wish Tubby the best but the time had come for a change. We can’t wait for the first game and anxiously await announcement of recruits. The people in the national media that are the naysayers are obviously jealous of the tradition and love for basketball in Kentucky. The Ky. Coaching job is and will always be the number one basketball coaching job in the country. I can’t wait to see you on the sidelines. Welcome.

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