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Some Errors We Can’t Correct

June 12, 2007 by David Perry  
Filed under Behind the Photo, David Perry, Lighting

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Note: It has come to the photographer’s attention that the light stand leg intrudes into the extreme right of the photo.  The photographer regrets the error, but won’t use the computer to remove it.

This wide-angle photo above was run in the newspaper June 2.  I was lighting room interiors with an on-camera bounce flash, and added a bounce flash on a light stand in the hallway.  The hallway was through the opening at extreme right.  I wasn’t too pleased when I discovered, back at the office, a light stand leg (top photo enlargement) poking through the opening.  Cropping tightly, I eliminated most of it.  But what I didn’t, and ethically can’t do, was to eliminate the intrusion with our Photoshop software.  The feeling at the Herald-Leader is, once we start with something “innocuous” as this, the public just won’t trust us not to alter photos.
(Canon 5-D, 16-35mm at 19mm;  400 ISO;  1/50th sec. at f3.5;  Strobes:  Canon 430EX at 1/4 power, on camera.  Nikon SB-26, 1/4 power, on stand.)

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4 Responses to “Some Errors We Can’t Correct”
  1. Ron says:


    I wouldn’t expect anything less than unreproachable integrity from you and the other photogs at the Herald. No disapearing legs (human or light stand) or inserted basketballs here. Keep up the great work.


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