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High school sports!

June 22, 2007 by Mark Cornelison  
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     I love shooting high school sports! In the last two weeks I shot about 10 games over a 5 day period. Last week was the state baseball championships and the week before that was state softball. Baseball was a little more fun because we had a local team in it and several teams from our  coverage area.
     High school sports are fun to shoot because they are action packed and full of emotion.  In most cases the pitchers are good but not great, resulting in plenty of hits, and the catchers  are good but not great leading to many a good play at second base! My thinking is if you had a catcher who was so good that no one would try to steal on him and therefore leave me with no plays at second base.
      While second base it a great chance for good shots this particular tournament seemed to feature plays at home plate. The above photo is Dunbar’s Casey Lucchese trying to make it to the plate with the game winning run. The catcher had the ball with Lucchese still several steps away so he tried his best to make a football play out of it and the photo looks more like football.
     I try to mix it up each game with plays in different areas of the field but the best action kept coming to home plate where it matters most. See all the shots and plays at home in the State baseball slide show!

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