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My vacation camera comes in handy

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My Vacation Camera Comes in HandyI recently bought a nice little vacation movie/still camera called the Sanyo CG6 Xacti. It’s 6 megapixels, shoots stills and MPEG4 movies, 5x optical zoom, and does a very credible job, especially for Web use. I tucked it in my pocket when I covered, using my Canon SLRs, former President Bill Clinton as he campaigned for his wife Hillary at the Bourbon County Fairgrounds on March 25. Because Clinton spoke for some time, I decided to use this camera to shoot a movie for You can see it here.

Sanyo CG6 Xacti

The sound was really good with the built-in stereo mike, and the camera uses SD cards, making import into iMovie a snap by just dragging the clip files into the iMovie clip windows, and they copy quickly. Plus you can use the camera as a tape recorder only. I picked mine up at Wal-Mart for $200 to use on vacation this summer, but I couldn’t resist trying it out on a news assignment. Almost forgot: you can plug in headphones to monitor your sound and it has a tripod socket. Sorry, no external mike jack though.

One more thing. This is my official press pass to photograph the ex-president of the United States: A handwritten sticker with “Press” on it given to me by a nice local at the media check-in table. Well, he DID check my Herald-Leader ID. Heck, I’ve had more trouble getting access to the Backstreet Boys than the ex-prez.

My official credential for the Bill Clinton visit to Bourbon County

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10 Responses to “My vacation camera comes in handy”
  1. Ron says:


    Thanks for a great tip on a great little camera. I have been impressed with it’s features. It makes you want to find opportunities to use it! I really appreciate you guys sharing tips like this one. I look forward to seeing some more of your “video extras” – watch out David Stephenson, DP may be leaning toward giving up his still camera.

    Thanks again,


  2. gWallet says:

    I have a samsung model quite similar to this one, but unfortunately found out that Final Cut Express will not handle mpeg4 footage. I’ve never tried it with iMovie, but did you have to convert the footage before editing?

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