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Hillary visits Louisville

March 29, 2008 by Mark Cornelison  
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A slightly hoarse New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton declared Kentucky Clinton territory and a necessary electoral building block for her White House bid.

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5 Responses to “Hillary visits Louisville”
  1. Anonymous says:

    we are for you, not your muslem opponant.
    how crazy can ordinary working people be?
    the muslems will be dancing beside their camels should this guy win.
    we need you ; stay with it.
    ps this naqtion has never prospered better than when bill was president.

    i put no name because i’ m a registered republican and i’m sick of the republican leadership or so called leadership. close these borders and get the jobs back in the usa

  2. betty taylor says:

    You keep going Hillary people need you in the white house.Let the people that want you to quit i say let them quit politics. we need a strong economy and you are the one to get it done, when the clintons were in the white house the economy was good , i am so glad to have a intelligent person like you in the election good luck and god bless you.

  3. Bruce J. Rose says:

    It seems that a lot of people in Kentucky are unable to judge character. Probably the worst person to occupy the Whitehouse is Hillary Clinton. She is a habitial liar, and is a thief, remmember when the Clinton’s were moving from the Whitehouse, they were forced to return furniture and other valuable objects.

    There is no one I can think of as being less desirable to occupy the Office of President than Clinton.

  4. Get the facts straight says:

    The years of Clinton were preceeded by long term “Reaganomics” that made our livelihood and businesses grow and prosper. This effect had nothing to do with what Clinton did. Get your economics and history right.


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