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Billy Gillispie: First year as a Cat

May 17, 2008 by Helena Hau  
Filed under Second Look, Slideshows, Sports, UK Athletics

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Starting a new job is always challenging. Few job transitions ever could have held as many challenges as the ones Billy Gillispie faced in his first year holding the most scrutinized position in the commonwealth.

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86 Responses to “Billy Gillispie: First year as a Cat”
  1. Mark E. Daugherty says:

    Great start coach. Don’t listen to the negatives just keep focused on what you know works. The naysayers will be believers. Go big blue!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jan says:

    My being a native of Kentucky and living for the past 45 years in this cold Pennsylvania, and, of course a lover of basketball, my first choice always has been & always will be The Kentucky Wildcats. But sometimes I’m forced to watch the Pitt Panthers since I live about 50 miles from them. I think Coach Gillispie should be given a chance – - after all this is his first year there and an entirely new surrounding for him – - I honestly believe he will be just fine in years to come. I would hope that some people not be too critical – a new job for anyone is difficult – - and – - moreso if that person is the “coach of the Kentucky Basket Ball Team.” So, Coach Gillispie, “don’t give up, keep going.” This is my advice that I’ve always given my four children. They’re all grown now, and have done quite well for themselves & their families. But, I still give them same advice.

  3. Scott says:

    Don’t let Jerry Tipton have anymore press passes, then the negatives will go away. Best wishes, you are dong a great job!!!

  4. Stephen Hatton says:

    I have been a avid fan of UK basketball since i was old enough to walk ,although i was raised in ohio, i have deep roots in eastern Ky .About 5 yrs ago and after a hurtfull divorce, i moved to Dallas tx and was disapointed that i could not follow the cats as closely as years past ,so being the college basketball fan i am i turned my attention to the in state schools .As we all know of UT and Rick barnes and alot of arrogance, it just didnt set right ,so the next school i started to follow was Texas A and M and from that point on i was hooked not on a arrogant Texas A and M football school, but there young coach Billy Gillespie,as i watched him build a power in the big 12, i also was keeping tract of a UK school declining so when Tubby bolted my first and only choice was Billy clyde Gillespie. He WILL SUCEED IN RETURNING US TO THE TOP OF THE PINNACLE. trust me i have seen it with him . Stephen Hatton

  5. Beverly says:

    I can’t beleive as good a coach as he is that people would be so cruel. We are finally back on track and to do this to someone as great as he is to the game is so silly. I know if he won every game there would still be that junk floating around. Oh well get a life and just enjoy basketball at Kentucky appreciating a great coach in Gillespie.

  6. LauraWilson says:

    Good job. I have questioned the intense practices on game day but I am not the coach. Evidently, it worked. Especially for Crawford and Bradley. I have never seen 2 players excell so much in one year. If those practices were the reason, then practice, practice, practice. Always a wildcat fan, win or lose. Keep up the good work. We, the fans, will grow on you.

  7. Eric says:

    Great ending to a difficult first year. If you know that what you are doing is right and has worked for you in the past then keep doing it. You typically only hear from those who are negative but there are many more who are thrilled to have you as our coach and look forward to the future. Most of the big blue fans don’t measure success ONLY in winning the national championship but on the fun and excitement in the ride along the way.

  8. We once had the reputation as one of the classiest basketball fan bases in the country. That was before the internet exposed a large group of red neck know it alls,who embarass the university and its legion of great fans. Some sports writers have helped feed their poison. I would like to see the university strongly denounce the spreaders of these malicious rumors.

  9. Pat Cook says:

    Some would question the success of this past season, but not me. We may not have won 20 games, but the excitement I felt watching the team this year I have not felt in the past 6 or 7 years and I give credit to Billy G. for bringing back the fun to Kentucky Basketball! Time and patience will allow Billy to hang more banners in Rupp!

    Keep up the good work Billy G!

    Go Cats!

  10. Lori says:

    I think Billy Gillispie will do great things for the CATS and bring them back to the #1 spot along with National Championships in the years to come. Any first year for a new coach is a rebuilding year – The coach and the players as well as the fans all have to get use to a new style of playing ball! I can see great things for KY basketball on the horizon. I have been a fan for many years – through thick and thin, good and bad – but always true blue! Gillispie will lead our CATS back to the top of the basketball world and be a force to be reckoned with by all.

  11. Margaret Davis says:

    It was hard year,considering what Gillespie was left to work with. The CATS finished the year doing a much better job of playing ball. It will take a few years to get the kind of recuirts we need to win a national championship.

    Margaret Davis
    Beavercreek, OH

  12. Della Erwin says:

    When Coach Gillespie came to Kentucky, the shelves were “almost” empty. He was very focused on winning and worked very hard to have a winning team. I think his success in pushing Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley gives you a good read on his coaching ability. Let’s just let him do his job and we’ll enjoy watching his teams win.

  13. achieceExene says:

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  14. ashcampboy says:

    there were alot of negativty around the program, you just couldn’t speak out about it, cause the minions wouldn’t hear of it.. Gaylisspie was a horrible choice from the very begining.

  15. SARA says:

    The man was not even given a fair chance. I pray he finds another position and excels about UK. He will. I will miss him

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