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Adam Bender

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Adam Bender, 8, is one of several kids who plays catcher in Southeastern’s rookie league at Veterans Park. What makes Adam stand out is that he plays one of the toughest positions on the field with only one leg. Because of cancer, he had his left leg amputated when he was one. Adam doesn’t use a prosthesis, and only uses crutches when he reaches base for the Astros. Charles Bertram | Staff READ THE STORY

UPDATE: Since the story of 8-year old cancer survivor Adam Bender was published in the Lexington Herald-Leader, and on, on June 1, 2008, the one-legged catcher has been invited to throw out first pitches at a Chicago White Sox game, a Cincinnati Reds game, a Houston Astros game, and has been invited to a Garth Brooks benefit in Las Vegas. He is also being profiled for a story that will air on ESPN. On Sunday June 6, 2008, Adam threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Adam Dunn of the Reds.

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1,181 Responses to “Adam Bender”
  1. Robin Harris says:

    This is the Most amazing and inspiring videoI have ever seen,we can All gain strength from this little Big guy the next time we start to complain about life not being fair.I’m sure we’ll all being hearing lots more about him for years to come.WHAT A KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Marta says:

    Adam, you have brought tears of pride, admiration, encouragement to my eyes.
    You are an example of determination, will, and corage. YOU GO BOY ! I am inspired by you. What an example you are to all of us who, at times complaint about insignificant, unimportant little things in life. May God bless you, and the folks that have encouraged you to never, never give up. Continue showing us what a true man can do. You are amazing…

  3. Josephine Kempenaar says:

    Adam,You are a awesome little guy who is gonna grow up to be a modivator for all amputees around the world……They need to see the sky is the limit if you really want something bad enough….Hug your mom and dad for being the wonderful parents they are….by showing you that you can do what ever you want to if you put your mind to it…..Thank you for your inspiration!!!!

  4. troy foster says:

    Hey Adan,
    My name is Troy from New Jersey and I am the father of a 17 year old catcher. We both know the toughest spot on the field to play each day is catcher don’t we pal. I have just seen the most insperational baseball footage I’ve ever seen. You not only play the game with the tools god gave you, but you play it with the determanation of a boy much older then 8. You will teach many people, young and old just what matters in life and how we all should be handleing the bumps in the road. I would love to come to one of your games.

  5. Shawn Johnson says:

    I wanted to say that you are a super kid who is an inspiration to many. I’m a high school boy’s basketball coach and my team will see this within the next few days. My nephew, who will play for me next year, is standing here with me and he was amazed. He took a knee in the thigh today while playing and complained of alot of pain. After seeing this, he may never complain again. Keep on keeping on and never let anyone discourage you from achieving your life goals. Once again, you are a super kid and an inspiration to many people, kids and adults alike. I would say good luck but it’s obvious that you don’t need luck on your side. Go get ‘em!

  6. Cheryl E. - Indpls. says:

    You are the most amazing person! Most people would be sitting in self-pity and complaining about their lives. I hope that every person sees the self-determination and strength you have achieved. You are a true example that anything can be done despite what life throws you. Keep reaching for the moon and stars!! Show those major league players what dedication and perserverance truly is! GOD BLESS YOU!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    May God continue to Bless You!

  8. John Workman says:

    Your story is one of true ambition! Seeing a glimpse of your competitive spirit is truly inspiring. I watch the scene of the base runner bowling you over, and you don’t even flinch!! WOW! He seemed to know if he didn’t come at you hard, you would have knocked him down and he is twice your body weight! I coach HS football, if only my linebackers had your toughness!!

    Keep it up!

    John Workman

  9. CatcherRG says:

    I play catcher in little league and it is a hard jobto do with two legs!!

    You are vary good and io think you could g farther in baseball so never give in

    never give up and never say die. May god be with you and guide you through life.

    Ceep working and don’t ever let any one tell you that you can’t play becouse you

    have one leg. The leard has blessed you sithyour tallent so ceep playing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. adam holt says:

    I coach a 8u travel team and after watching you play the game, I am going to use use you to motivate my players. you are truely an inspiration me and a wounderful kid with so much determination to play the game of baseball like you. Keep up the hard work.

  11. Lou Sbarra says:


    I’m from Philadelphia, and I thought Chase Utley was most determined and dedicated baseball player that I’ve ever seen. He’s close, but he’s not you. I’m sure Chase would agree. You have inspired all who have seen you play in person, and watched this video. Hey, great tag at the plate.

  12. lorenzo lowery says:

    This youngman stands out above all others he has guts,determination,inspiration,and great stamina an esample to everyone. I than k God for him keep going for us, love you !!!!!!!!!! IN HIS NAME JESUS!!!!!!!!!!

  13. CFM says:

    TWO THUMBS UP to coach, team and league that allow him have a chance to play!

  14. Frances-----Lake Charles,LA says:

    Adam, you keep up your great job!! You are a fantastic kid!! Don’t ever give up.
    You are truly blessed. Other children need to appreciate what God has given them and keep going forward no matter what.

  15. Nancy---Kentwood, La says:

    Adam, you are truly an inspiration to all…Your determination & skills are amazing to see…You are another “miracle” sent to teach others to never give up. They can accomplish anything by working harder & to get off their “pity – train” & appreciate what they have & to use it to help others who are less fortunate…..Keep up the good work…GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY…

  16. Joyce Fisher says:

    You are someone I would love to meet. Maybe that stron will would pass off onto me. God has something in store for you I am sure and you just keep listening to HIm. Hats off to all that helped guide you to take the right road. I am honored to meet you Joyce

  17. Christen lisanti says:

    Adam…………..You have more courage than most people I know. Thank you for being such an inspirational touch stone. My deepest respect and admiration. My God continue strengthen you, your family and anyone who sees you in action.

    Christen Lisanti


    Adam is an AMAZING YOUNG MAN. Thank you for inspiring us to be a better human being. I hope that, it will be a a lesson to healthy persons that do not want to put an effort and hard work to succeed . And they only looked for a reazon to justify they own failures. THANK YOU ADAM. LOVE FROM MIAMI.
    Rocio Piedrahita

  19. Leanne Todd says:

    And Jesus said, “Rise up, take thy BAT, and…PLAY BALL!” Amen. This story reminds me of my dad, Alvie Lee Whistler. At the age of 3, he lost the use of his legs to a bone disease. He spent his childhood in and out of hospitals and was sent home to die at the age of ten. But that didn’t happen. He taught himself to draw, later becoming a draftsman. He taught himself to weld in his father’s scrap iron business. As a child myself, I remember watching him toss his crutches on the ground, scale a ladder, and start to weld. Sometimes people in churches offered to “lay hands on him,” in effort to heal him. He always refused, saying: “The Bible says not to put your God to the test.” To me, it seemed strange that people who weren’t able to do a fraction of what my dad could do thought he needed to be more like them! What they didn’t realize what that the Lord had ALREADY healed my dad. God bless you, Adam–with Him all things are possible.

  20. Juan says:

    Truly Inspirational….

  21. Leslawa says:

    Adam you are a such brave boy. God bless you honey. We love to watch you how you play. This is amazing.

    David, Nicole, and Mom

  22. JESS says:

    HEY ADAM,there is a reason I don’t watch “professional sports”Its because of people like YOU!

  23. Heyzeus says:

    My son, I give you credit, for I have not given you much else. As for the rest of you, enjoy what you DO have and not what may come your way. Adam is just TRYING to be normal. It’s not “amazing”, it’s not “extraordinary”…’s just a little boy giving ALL HE HAS. In the end, when he becomes a teenager/adult, where everyone becomes selfish, full of deceit, sarcastic, and a purveyor of cynicism, I DOUBT you’ll look at this “little boy” the same way.

    Question me more….I’ll try to answer every question……

  24. cathy says:

    i hope this one gets out to everyone so everyone can see what a little boy can do and if their are others kids out there that need help and can see just what others can do just maybe thay well get up and move to …god bless……..

  25. Barbara Sabo says:

    What a wonderful young man. If only a lot of adults would have such determination that you have,it would be a better world. I’m sure your parents are so proud of you . You are an inspiration to all. May God Bless you always.

  26. Nelson R. says:

    Remind me not to complain about anything today; or any other day!

  27. John P. says:

    Wow.You are truly amazing.

  28. Summer Rains says:

    Adam, your “abilities” are awesome! Thank you for yet another reason for “His Amazing Grace.

  29. Anna says:

    That is Amazing!!!!!

  30. Boyd says:

    Adam, you are truly an inspiration to us all. Best of luck to you.

  31. Connie Jordan - Shanghai China says:

    Just received this wonderful inspirational story about Adam…Go get’em Adam…In 2040 I’m voting for you for President!!!

  32. John says:

    Awesome! What an awesome young man! And the parents are to be congratulated on raising such a wonderful kid!

  33. Pat Frees says:

    What an inspiration this young boy is…..and I’ll bet none of the other players complain their tired. Adam will go a long way!!

  34. Eddie says:

    God allows people like Adam to be around to inspire us! We should all go down daily on “both” our knees and praise God for kids like Adam. I’m sending this video to my kids an others.

  35. Summer says:

    I just love kids like Adam. I have a 6 yr old daughter with a prosthetic leg who
    just finished softball. WOW for Adam though for having even a bigger challenge. My heart has so much pride and joy for these young people who try so hard and accomplish sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Ramona says:

    Truly an inspiration. I will show this clip to my students. I teach severely disabled high school kids and I am always encouraging them. Adam you must have awesome parents who always told you to beleive in yourself!

  37. Bryan White says:


    As you can see by the response, you are an inspiration to a lot of people, including myself. I have written a baseball devotional book and would love to give you a free copy if you can contact me and provide your address. I would also like you and your parents to go online to learn more about my not-for-profit sports ministry at I think your inspirational story is great and should be shared. I am not sure if you are a Christian and if you would be willing to share your story, but there is a lot that kids and grown-ups can learn from your hard work and ability to overcome a situation that would keep most people from even trying. I would like to talk more about this with your parents if they are interested (903-520-3371). Keep up the good work.

  38. donnarose says:

    shame on all us who whine and complain about the silliest things…… BRAVO BRAVO,,,., for this little boy who has more willpower and drive then many adults in this world. WAY TO GO ADAM!! YOU WILL NOT ONLY BE AN INSPIRATION TO MANY BUT DARLIN YOU ARE TRULY BLESSED……


  39. Alan Thompson says:

    I’m 50 years old, and I just got out of the hospital after having the toes of my right foot amputated, due to diabetes. I’ve been feeling a little sorry for myself, and this young man has opened my eyes and shamed me for my self-pity. God bless him, and I only wish I could send him this message directly. Thank you, Sir!!!!!!!!

  40. Gale Kobray says:

    At 8 years old, you are already an inspiration to so many people of all ages. My husband (a pianist and actor) and I produced a DVD on the life, times and music of Ludwig van Beethoven who also faced a significant challenge by losing his hearing, yet writing some of his best music after going deaf. He worked hard, believed in himself, looked to the resources around him for support … much as I suspect you do. We would like to offer you a free copy of this DVD – contact me at or call (973) 376-8465 if interested. Keep smiling and enjoying life!
    - Gale Kobray

  41. BARB says:


  42. Darrell E. Lora says:

    FANTASTIC. You are surly, one of the greatest atheletes I’ve seen. Keep up the great work and never give up Adam. God’s Speed to you. D.E.L. Davenport,IA..

  43. Anonymous says:

    You deserve all the phase you are getting Master Adam. And a inspiration to us all. A young man that goes beyond the call duty, but don’t let all this phrase ruin you way of think. You are part of a team, who support you as you support them. Good luck my man in all your endevers.

  44. Anonymous says:

    You deserve all the phase you are getting Master Adam. And a inspiration to us all. A young man that goes beyond the call duty, but don’t let all this phrase ruin you way of think. You are part of a team, who support you as you support them. Good luck my man .

  45. jacob roffwarg says:

    All I can say adam is, bravo to this amazing kid and hope to see you inthe majors!

  46. anonymous says: are truly an example of a wonderful little boy who has shown us once again, that you can do anything in life when you really have a passion and a mindset for accomplishment…….God bless you……from Florida

  47. Chris says:

    Way to go Adam. Keep up the hard work. You’re the definition of dedication and determination. Also your teammates are great too. All of you will go far in life with that can-do attitude.

  48. doris says:

    God is so good. you are such an inspiration as to what God can do when we are willing to trust and obey him. hang in there and sometime your reward will be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  49. Marie says:

    It looks like Adam .Doesit let any stop him that is great .

  50. T REXER says:

    I will keep this page on file so everytime my kids say it’s not fair I refer to this page . Adam your a real tropper which will make everyone you meet a hero in their eyes. Good luck with all you do.


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