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Caring About The Kentucky River

June 21, 2008 by Emily Spence  
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Lanny Evans and Merrill Combs care about the river. So this year for the 17th Annual Kentucky River Clean Up, they rounded up crews from the Kentucky Department of Highways to help them remove large items from the riverbanks in Boonesborough State Park like boats, washing machines and toilets that people had dumped there years ago. Evans said planning the project took about two years of convincing others it need to be done, so she was in high spirits on Saturday morning. by Emily Spence | Staff

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4 Responses to “Caring About The Kentucky River”
  1. Brenda Williams says:

    Good for the Ky. River cleanup. I spent my best years at Boonesborough State Park. I’m now 62, and live in GA. I was born in Stone, KY, (East-Pike County) and lived in Lexington from 1964-1975. Everyone once in awhile nostalgia takes me back to my Ky River days, and I smile!!

    Go Green and Clean…


  2. Jan says:

    So happy that some people still care about the Kentucky River. I’m 77 years age, a native of Whitesburg (Letcher County) and have many fond memories of my summers in the Kentucky River. It was very clean & clear then, fact is, we could see lil minnows swimming in it – we had a sand bar on one side & our neighbors, women & children, spent the afternoons in the river & playing in the sand bar. I also remember a winter whereas it was actually frozen over – - so, we went skating on it. When I visit there now, it’s disgusting as some people use it for a dumping ground. No way would I swim in it now. All Kentuckians should band together & clean it up from beginning to end. As I said, it’s good to see that some people do still care – - keep up the good work ! Thanks also.

  3. In the late 70s and early 80’s I attended EKU as a full time student and would attend summer school each year to graduate early. I would start my classes at 8:00 a.m. just to be finished with my class load by lunch. A group of my friends would get together most days to go to Boonesborough Beach to cook out and swim at the beach. We appreciated the beach and cared for it then, but apparently not everyone respected it. The beach was beautiful during those years. We were disappointed to hear later that the beach closed due to water quality. I just moved my family to Boone’s Trace and our property backs up to the river and is only a few miles from the Booneborough Beach. I drove my husband up there a couple days ago to show him the Fort and the beach.

    I am glad that people are starting to care for our river again. The “Going Green” generation has emerged and we will start seeing a difference in our environment. Maybe soon, our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy the beach the way my friends and I did when I was in college.


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