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Adam Bender at the Reds

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Since the story of 8-year old cancer survivor Adam Bender was published in the Lexington Herald-Leader, and on, on June 1, 2008, the one-legged catcher has been invited to throw out first pitches at a Chicago White Sox game, a Cincinnati Reds game, a Houston Astros game, and has been invited to a Garth Brooks benefit in Las Vegas. He is also being profiled for a story that will air on ESPN. On Sunday June 6, 2008, Adam threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Adam Dunn of the Reds. Because of cancer, Adam Bender had his left leg amputated when he was one but that hasn’t stopped him from playing baseball for the Astros in the Southeastern Rookie League at Veterans Park.
Photos, audio and video by Charles Bertram | Staff

Original video published on May 13, 2008:

Adam Bender, 8, is one of several kids who plays catcher in Southeastern’s rookie league at Veterans Park. What makes Adam stand out is that he plays one of the toughest positions on the field with only one leg. Because of cancer, he had his left leg amputated when he was one. Adam doesn’t use a prosthesis, and only uses crutches when he reaches base for the Astros.
Video by Charles Bertram | Staff

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25 Responses to “Adam Bender at the Reds”
  1. Donnie says:

    i love this story what an amazing little man i sponsor a 2 yr. old orphan that was born with 1 leg and like Adam he don’t let nothing slow him down his name is Gideon and he lives @ New Day Foster Home in Qingyundian China they have a website and have video’s of him and his “buddies” i log on every morning and watch a video of “my boy Gideon” being ” Handicapped ” is all in your head you can do anything if you will just have a positive attuide and try i know that Adam will be a sucess in life and “my boy” Gideon will to

  2. Ernie Fabian says:

    God Bless You Adam ! Yuo are an inspiration to everyone on this earth!

  3. Don Bouton says:

    This young MAN is a living example of how to handle life and the adversities you run into. I’m 82 yrs. old and I’ve just gotten a new role model for my remaining years..You can be sure that all members of my family are going to see this and be reminded you are only as good as you want to be. Thank you Adam for showing us no goal is to lofty if you have the courage and will to obtain it.

  4. Don Bouton says:

    This young MAN is a living example of how to handle life and the adversities you run into. I’m 82 yrs. old and I’ve just gotten a new role model for my remaining years..You can be sure that all members of my family are going to see this and be reminded you are only as good as you want to be. Thank you Adam for showing us no goal is to lofty if you have the courage and will to obtain it.

  5. Judy Booker says:

    Adam Bender has the guts that a grown person doesn’t have. He is remarkable and has been taught that life goes on no matter what you may have to face. Alot of credit goes to his parents for their positive outlook. Keep up the good work. I need this at least once a day to give me the strength to make it. If an 8 yr. old can do this, I can do something at 60. May God Bless the Bender Family.

  6. Richard Estes says:

    I have played this great game for many years and have coached kids through Little League and in High School. Adam Bender is the epitome for playing the game with heart and respect. Hollywood should make a part two movie “For the Love of the Game and feature Adam Bender VS Kevin Costner.

    Adam continue to keep loving the game and loving life. God had given you a special gift son. Which is to make a difference in peoples lives for the glory of His creation.

    Coach Estes
    Colorado Spring, CO.

  7. roger griffey says:

    great kid with all heart. great example for other handicap kids

  8. Judy Stengel says:

    Way to go, Adam! You’ve shown us the way.

    To all of you out there who see this video. Adam is not a handicapped kid. Adam is not a disabled kid. ADAM is a kid with a disability! And he has shown us that people with disabilities are able to and want to to be, part of the American mainstream! Thanks to all who support and encourage persons with disabilities.

  9. Deborah Peltier says:


    May Jesus continue to bless you. You are an amazing young boy. An inspiration to all. Keep up the good work. You are a tremendous little baseball player. I admire you little one….

    Debby Peltier
    Jeannette, PA

  10. Dixie , Aug. 14, 2008, Ky. says:

    Adam, God proforms miracles & you are one of them. Just keep trusting God , because you are example to other children & adults. God Bless you & your family.

  11. Chandra says:


    You are truly my hero! The heart and passion that you show to play this game is amazing! God has good things planned for you! Keep being yourself, as you have given me inspiration! Your parents are blessed to have you!

  12. Dotty says:

    Adam I have a little great grandson your age, and he loves baseball also, and he is an excellent player, I think he would be proud to play on the same team with you, he has a big heart too, just like you do, I pray you will always be able to do whatever you want to do.
    Love little one

  13. HARVEY says:


  14. Pat Anderson says:

    I just watched the video of Adam playing baseball. He is truly an inspiration to watch. I have to congratulate his parents for the job they have done in raising him though. I bet in the beginning they were very fearful of him getting hurt but they stood back and allowed him to do what he wanted to do—-play the game just like the other kids his age. I don’t know if I would have had the courage to do that if Adam were my child but it certainly was the right thing to do for all of them. He is a good little player just like the other boys his age; he is being treated just like them and is having a great time while doing it. He has definitely learned that he is able to accomplish anything in life that he wants to if he has the determination to try it. Good Luck to him in the future!

  15. Sherry says:

    With encouragement, Adam has a wonderful opportunity in what ever life has to offer.This is exactly what this world needs to see. He has been put on this earth for a reason. Let GOD lead you, let GOD be your guider.He will never betray you.God bless your family and your friends.I know I will hear about you from years to come.

  16. Dianne says:

    wonderful young man and his family

  17. L.A.Pete" Peters says:

    Adam ,you must be one GREAT KID. Keep up the good work
    you are an inspiration. I have just been thru a bout with
    the C. Gotta keep going.
    As a Shriner, I was wondering if we at one of our Shrine
    Hospitals could do something for you. We have 22 Hospitals,
    located arond the USA, and there must be one close to you
    that your parents could check with. Our
    orthopedics program is the BEST.

  18. Anonymous says:

    good adam

  19. Jeff Mayes says:

    This young man will go far in life! By living his life as he has playing ball etc. it can show others that nothing can stop a person if they really want to live a good life. May GOD be with Adam as he goes forward in life!

  20. Maura says:

    Would Adam be able to obtain a prosthetic leg? He is such an incredible player on one leg, I could only imagine how he would perform with a prosthetic leg. What a special person he is….

  21. cincy fan says:

    Adam …thanks for the great story on GMA …your story is what Thanksgiving is all about. Keep up the great spirit and God Bless you !
    Read about Adam @
    it will inspire you.

  22. This brought tears to my eyes. The strength & courage of this young man is so inspiring to all ages. I want o commend his parents for raising him with such a strong “I can do it” attitude and belief in him self God bless him and his family. I expect to hear about Adam many times in the future.

  23. Jennifer says:

    I am a Physical Therapist Asst who works with children who have disabilities. They too have so much potential. If only their parents had the strength and the will to allow them to excel as Adam has. You are an inspiration to many and a perfect example of God’s loving grace.

  24. Elainbe says:

    What an INSPIRING STORY! ! Adam, you will be able to accomplish ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE IF YOU KEEP YOUR GOOD ATTITYUDE.
    Bellevue, WA.


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