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Second chance for singer wasn’t enough

December 27, 2008 by Brad Luttrell  
Filed under Brad Luttrell

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There is no other way to put this: Tasha Harris screwed up again. But this time, she went to jail. And not just jail, but prison. For five years. FULL STORY

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8 Responses to “Second chance for singer wasn’t enough”
  1. Sir George says:

    Such a beautiful lady with such a beautiful God given talent wasted. I heard her on Reno’s Old Time Music Festival and she was awesome. I searched for a long time trying to find her music sales and finally found her story. Heartbreaking, especially for that daughter of hers. I believe she could STILL make it, if not for herself, do it for her girl . . . She deserves that for the loss of years which was no fault of hers. I truly hope and pray that she seeks the help of acquaintences to provide assistance with some band members who want to see her excel. I don’t believe for a second I’m not the only one!!! She still has the talent, and she deserves just as much a chance as most of the other stars to prove herself. Set your sights high Tasha, you can do it!
    A dedicated fan
    Sir George

  2. Okie says:

    I too learned of Tasha’s talents on the repeated TV program hosted by Ronnie Reno. This girl CAN SING! Such a tragedy to see her gifts laid to waste, and guarded from the ear of mankind. I only hope that she can find the support that she needs to succeed in a world that needs her song. I know there is hope and I too am pulling for her to find the help she deserves.

  3. TLW5858 says:

    I saw Tasha Harris on last night’s repeat of Reno’s Old Time Music Festival and loved her voice so much I got on here first thing today thinking I was going to be purchasing some of her music. What a shock—and I mean a genuine shock—to discover this article instead. Her version of Lonesome Dove, the purity of her tone, brought tears to my eyes. Is there any word or an update on how she is doing or if she is still incarcerated? I pray for her to finally stay “clean” and return to her daughter and the music she was so obviously born to make. Those two things are so much more important than drugs or alcohol could ever be. There are fans out here waiting to hear you again, Tasha.

  4. glh7720 says:

    Saw her again on a repeat of Reno’s and fell in love with the voice. She has a voice that you can’t find very often. To think that this voice is sitting behind wall, and we are denied it is tragic. I too will pray for her.

  5. Mo Swangaz says:

    I just saw her on the rerun that same show. I can’t wait for her to come out so she could release more music.

  6. Jim Smith says:

    I recently became aware of Tasha. When I look at her and see her I only see and hear the beauty, not the ugly. Nothing but well wishes from me.

  7. fitflop says:

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