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5 Responses to “Mark Cornelison 2008 Year in Review”
  1. Cari Wellman says:

    I have known Collin Cowgill since he was in middle school and have followed his baseball career religiously. Therefore, I always enjoy reading articles about him and seeing his photo in the paper. The locker room photo Mark Cornelison took of him last year is my all-time favorite! There isn’t another one of him like it. Excellent job!

  2. Chuck says:

    Mark’s work is like no other!!! I occasonally check with the Herald Leader to see my favorite photographers work.

  3. Bo Gray says:

    The audio commentary on this slideshow incorrectly credits Jim Nantz of CBS as being the host of “Wide World of Sports” on ABC. WWoS was hosted by the late Jim McKay, who co-wrote the “thrill of victory, agony of defeat” line along with producer Roone Arledge.

    Mr. Nantz is an excellent broadcaster, but I am sure that he would agree that the continued inaccuracy of Cornelison’s commentary does a disservice to both the memory of Jim McKay and to the integrity of both Mr. Nantz and Mr. Cornelison.

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