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East Jessamine coach battles cancer, brings joy

January 18, 2009 by David Stephenson  
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For East Jessamine Coach Ralph Sallee and his girls’ basketball team, this season has been more a journey of faith and inspiration than a trail of victories and defeats. Sallee lost his battle with cancer on Friday January 23, 2009. FULL STORY

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12 Responses to “East Jessamine coach battles cancer, brings joy”
  1. justin sanders says:

    ralph is the best person i know. not an ounce of hate in his body. ive known him and his family my entire life. i love him as if he was a relative.

  2. Liz Miller says:

    I’m Currently playing under Coach Sallee. Hes a great coach and a BEAUTIFUL person. Hes battling hard and has every ounce of my support as well as the entire team. Its been an incredible 5 seasons and an unforgettable journey. I love you, Coach!

  3. Rebekah Nipp says:

    I love Coach Sallee,
    He has had a tremedous affect on my life, and i loved having him for a teacher
    and an FCA sponsor, he is a wonderful guy and i am blessed to know him

  4. Devann Poe says:

    I played under Coach Sallee and I absolutely loved it. I miss him so much. He is a great coach, friend, and person overall. I love and miss you, Coach.

  5. carolyn chatfield says:

    We have known Pastor Ralph for many years. My children would call him Jesus when we went to church. We would all get a good laugh from this. Jake and Sophia have always had a special place in their hearts for him since he was their first Pastor. When my daughter was born she had some problems and she was at Shrines Hospital. Pastor Ralph took time form his busy life to stop by and pray with us as will to set and visit. I was having a hard time and he always had a kind word for us. We have NEVER forgotten this. He would always ask me how my husband Jim was doing after we were told he had cancer. He was true to his word that he always prayed for us. We have kept him in our prays and we love him very much. Pastor Ralph you are always in our hearts and our prays. We could never say thank you enough but we will continue to say it and that we love you and your family. Jim, Carolyn, Jake and Sophia

  6. Ruth says:

    Coach Ralph Sallee is what it is all about! I have played against and for Coach Sallee and I would never want to do either with anybody else! I love this man very much as do all of his former and current players and friends! I know personally that I will never in a million years forget the time I have spent with him or his family! You could never ask for a better person to know!!! I love you Coach!

  7. Emma Norris says:

    Coach Sallee or as I called him all through out high school, “ralphy” wasmy gym teacher my sophmore year and he is not only an outstanding teacher, he is an outstanding person! He is one heck of a man! And anyone that just happens to cross his path is a lucky individual! Your in my thoughts and prayers!

  8. Eric Harteis says:

    Coach Sallee…There is not enough kind words to describe how much of a wonderful person he truly is. Like everyone else has said, you are very lucky to know him. He is one of the greatest people that I have ever met. He is so strong. We can hope that he defeats this and lives on. YOU ARE TRULY ON EVERYONE’S MINDS AND IN THEIR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS.

  9. Alison Adams says:

    I had coach sallee as a teacher and there is no doubt that he is a wonderful man, he teaches all his students and team so much more than fitness or basketball, he truly is an AMAZING man and will be in my prayers.

  10. Raven Warren says:

    When i had coach Sallee there wasnt a day in his class that he didnt make each and everyone of his students feel unstoppable, that we were on top of the world. We all loved him with everything.. I know that his home at East Jessamine High will always be there. Mine as well as many others prayers go out to Coach Sallee’s family and his Lady Jags.

  11. Jordan says:

    I did not have the honor of meeting Coach Sallee, but I’ve heard so much about him that I feel like I’ve known him for years! His story has really inspired me and I will never forget him as long as I live! He has made such a difference in so many lives and fufilled the purpose God gave him! He was a great man! I love you Coach Sallee! My prayers go out to his family and our lady jags!

  12. Bruce Blanton says:

    For a high school basketball coach who loves working with student athletes and lost my dad to cancer in Sept. of 2008, and just this past Friday lost a co-worker to cancer who was a former player at Trimble Co. Cancer is a terrible thing and I see first hand how it effects students and families who lose loved ones to this dreaded disease. Coaches vs. Cancer and the Jimmy V. foundation are great for this battle. I keep The Lady Jags and Coach Sallees family in my prayers.

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