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Versailles Cemetery Vandalized

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More than 150 headstones were knocked over and broken during a night of vandalism at the Versailles Cemetery, 201 South Locust Street in Versailles, Ky. By mid-afternoon, people were arriving to check on the condition of the graves of their loved ones. Photographs by Charles Bertram

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3 Responses to “Versailles Cemetery Vandalized”
  1. Fern Fugate says:

    My mother is buried their and if anyone could just let me know if her stone is ok I would be able to sleep. I don’t live near Versailles and this is really tearing me up inside. Her name is Donna Chumbley or if there is a list that I might be able view please e-mail me back. I just can’t believe that someone could do something like this to families of loved ones. I hope they can sleep at night.

  2. Donna Harkins says:

    My Mother & Father are both buried right along that fence roll and I would also like to know if the stone is damaged.Father’s name is Hubert Merryman & Mother is Mildred Merryman, the stone is like a brown granite and is right beside the office along the fence almost. I would also like to know if you can e-mail me with a list of loved one’s stones that have been damaged.It is amazing what would drive anyone to have this kind of pain or enjoyment which ever it may be, inside them.Thanks so much for the constant care of our loved ones. Donna Harkins

  3. Patricia (Doll) Ruh says:

    This is totally appauling!!!! Cannot imagine how anyone could have such a cold heart to be this inconsiderate to do such a thing.

    We never knew our grandfather as he was killed in 1920 when Mom was only 4 1/2 yrs old. During my genealogy research, there was a kind volunteer who located his grave here. In 2007, my brother & I were able to visit the site. We only have one photo of Grandpa John and it was very emotional for us to visit his grave.

    If these vandals could only feel the heartache of those who’s family members markers were vandalized, would hope they’d think twice before doing any such thing again.

    God Bless the monument company who has offered to make repairs.

    Patsy D

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