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Lokomat, The Walking Machine

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Scott Crawford wants to walk again. In September, a pile of wooden pallets fell on Crawford. The accident left him unable to move because of a spinal cord injury. Crawford, 51, went from driving a tractor trailer to negotiating a wheel chair.
Twice a week Crawford goes to Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital for physical therapy. He straps into a robot, called the Lokomat, that guides his legs and helps him walk. Crawford hopes the machine will teach him how to walk on his own again. Photos by David Perry | Staff; Audio by Sarah Vos | Staff

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2 Responses to “Lokomat, The Walking Machine”
  1. Curt Brock says:

    Hello Scott, It’s good to see ya trying so hard. Keep working hard. Curt

  2. Shaun Kennedy says:

    Hiya Scott, guess who this is? Glad to see you keeping strong. I know it’s been tough on everyone, but you’ve had to keep the toughest face of all, and it’s great to see you still working hard on your recovery. I am sure it’s a really tough process but keep working hard and I’m sure you’ll be able to do things that six months ago we wouldn’t have even fathomed you’d be able to do after that accident. Keep up a good smile and know you’re in our thoughts always.

    – Your Nephew, Shaun.

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