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Kelsey Ladt, 14, to graduate from UK with honors

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Kelsey Ladt, 14, is about to graduate wih honors from the University of Kentucky. But she is otherwise a normal teen. Photos by Charles Bertram, David Stephenson and Pablo Alcala. READ MORE

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10 Responses to “Kelsey Ladt, 14, to graduate from UK with honors”
  1. julie says:

    Wow! Congratulations, how did this all come about?? how does a 14 year old get to graduate from college ? I would love to hear more??

  2. Tom says:

    I think it is so amazing when a child knows what they want to do, and is headstrong enough to get there. Congratulations Kelsey. Also thank you Mr. and Mrs. Ladt, you are great parents.

  3. carter1 says:

    She will be leading a team one day in the not too far off future developing a cure for some insidious disease. Thank you Mr&Mrs Ladt for your contribution to the world.

  4. Huafeng says:

    At first, congratulations! what a lovely family! I strongly suggest Kelsey and her parents to write a book on her way to success, and I think it is will be quite useful for most youngsters and their parents who want to be successful as you. Besides, I wish Kelsey will win more success in her future life because it is long for one’s whole life, today’s success may can’t ensure what will happen tomorrow.

  5. joseph a says:

    yes, I also want to know how to do that. I was always went to schools in which skipping grades was discussed for my peers and I but they never brought it about as an option. As a college graduate now, I know the way politics are it does not help, nice to hear of these learners though. Unfortunately for this girl, the average age of an accepted student to medical school is 24, but maybe this girl is so young that it would be publicity, because clearly many schools view the age as liability…happened to me and I was only 21 when I applied

  6. sarah55 says:

    kelsey! you have done so well! i am extremely proud of you and good luck in washington at the national institute of health! you will be missed! <3

  7. douglas says:

    My mama Christine,

    says girl you moving to fast!

    and is that Bill Nye the Science guy in the picture your dad?


  8. J. Lessy King says:

    I bet that people her age hate her, neighbors and co-workers hate the family, and the dogs are probably too good to get their butts sniffed.

    The boys probably ignore her…
    Her Facebook friends are probably below 100…
    She’s never gone on Spring Break or been invited to the prom, and probably never will be…

    But, good for her and her pressure-inducing family! She’ll never have a normal childhood.


    • Lacy says:

      Kelsey is probably one of the sweetest girls I know. I had the pleasure of working with her in an afterschool program I ran at the Salvation Army called T.E.L.L. She is full of energy, joy, and enthusiasm. She lets Christ’s love shine through her. As for not going to prom, she is 14….so why would she? its not time for that yet? Plus, why is attendance at a dance or number of friends in a fake online world the determinate of how good someone’s life has been so far? I know for a fact that she has chosen every step in her life’s journey so far and her parents have not pressured or forced her to do anything. Do not judge something you do not understand.

  9. Jesse Wilson says:

    “To whom much has been given, much will be expected.” — Jesus Christ

    Kelsey is in a unique position to speak out about the injustice detailed at the web site below.

    She is a remarkably gifted person with a bright future. How would that future have been changed if right before graduation, UK yanked the rug out from under her and made her start over elsewhere? She would have the money and wherewithal to go a couple years at a different university. But without funds, she may have given up.

    Point is, the injustice that UK is guilty of, should never happen–to anyone.
    As someone who believes “there but for the Grace of God goes I,” I will continue to speak out with my small voice.

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