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6 Responses to “Kentucky takes down Indiana 90-73”
  1. don says:

    I cannot find the story – this probably the most ill-conceived maze for finding a blog or website I have ever encountered. I hope you never try to make a living in advertising.

    I never did find the story – and, will never look for another in this paper.

  2. Mike Kirk says:

    I hate the navigation on this website. I always get on here to watch post game interviews with players and after watching one video it sends you to another page and you cannot navigate back to the page where all the videos are at in the first place. Also sometimes it will make you watch a slide show when you wanna watch videos!

  3. Gene Cropper says:

    John Wall is an excellent player but he is not the only one, the entire team appears to be on the brink of greatness. I just wish we could keep them for another year just to win and see how good they will be then; however, I know that won’t happen, so we will enjoy them while we have them. It is super just to be winners and be able to hold our heads up again in the basketball universe thanks to these guys and that includes the coach.

    GO CATS!

    • I don’t know about that “one year and out” business. John Wall has not indicated, that I know of, that he is out after one year. He just might want to get more college credits in his portfolio and some NCAA credits also. I sure hope so…ggc


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