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Dance Trance 2010

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Audio Slideshow of Contra Dancing at the 2010 Dance Trance at Morton Middle School. Photos, audio and production by Mark Ashley

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4 Responses to “Dance Trance 2010”
  1. Tom Eblen says:

    Well done, Mark!

  2. Donna Ernst says:

    Such beautiful photos, especially of the musicians. Real art along with the dancing. Thanks.

  3. Darinda says:

    I’ve shared this with many of my friends who just couldn’t understand what contra dancing was all about. And who wouldn’t come try it out! This explanation has helped a lot. Thanks for helping to keep this folk tradition alive!
    And nicely done!

  4. Paul Vincelli says:

    Yes, beautifully done. As an avid contra dancer of 3.5 years, I think the producer of this really captured beautiful images and audio of the joy of contra dance. Thank you so much. It is wonderful to have a link we can send people to who might be considering giving it a try. And may I invite you, Mark. It is a very beginner-friendly form of dance, and the people are very welcoming to newcomers. Come and dance with us!