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Rivals, Ky.

Somewhere, appropriately enough, between Lexington and Louisville, off Interstate 64, south on Ky. 55, swinging through Ky. 1169 because the 55 turn is so confusing, and looking for a big 45-degree hook in the road, you find three houses in the bottomland and wonder, who is at war here? It is neither Wildcat nor Cardinal. No sign of either on the eve of the big football game. It’s the tiny community of Rivals, Ky. in Spencer County. Photographs by Charles Bertram/ Words by Amy Wilson

Globe, KY

Between the metropoli of Olive Hill and Morehead, there is and always has been Globe. If you are the town’s main road (U.S.60) at early rush hour, it is three miles of constant traffic. If you are a side road off the main road, it is just-skedaddled deer and red bud-cluttered hollows. Eighty-eight-year-old Claude “Hawkeye” Erwin has spent a lifetime — save the time he spent on a Navy ship during World War II — on this mildly populated stretch of earth. It is earth he has hunted, earth he has dug, earth he inherited and earth he has bought and paid for. “This place has everything,” he says. It always has. Words by Amy Wilson/Photographs by Charles Bertram | Staff

Maker’s Mark Bottle Signing

University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari signed a limited-edition Maker’s Mark bottle at Keeneland in Lexington Friday. Calipari, Maker’s Mark president Bill Samuels Jr. and Keeneland president Nick Nicholson signed the bottles for the 1,200 people who had tickets. Photographs by Charles Bertram | Staff

Passionist Nuns

Twenty-five-year-old Ane Kirstine Wynn entered the order if the Passionist nuns as a Noviate in January. Her new life is now in the St. Joseph’s Monastery in Whitesville, Ky., surrounded by other Passionists, whose goal is to share in Mary’s suffering at the foot of the cross. Photographs by Charles Bertram | Staff

Funeral for crash victims

The funeral for 9 Mennonites killed last week in a crash on I-65 was held today in Marrowbone, Ky. Over 3000 mourners, many of them Amish or Mennonites, attended the service at a warehouse in Marrowbone and the burial at the Marrowbone Christian Brotherhood Church. Photos by Charles Bertram | Staff

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