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Diane Lane and Penny Chenery at the Pegasus Parade

Secretariat owner Penny Chenery and actor Diane Lane, who plays Chenery in a forthcoming movie about the 1973 Triple Crown Winner, were grand marshals of the annual Pegasus Parade in Downtown Louisville, part of the Kentucky Derby Festival. Lane will also attend events such as the Oaks, the Derby and Friday night’s Barnstable-Brown Party. Photo by Rich Copley | staff.

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Scenes from the set of Unrequited

Winchester filmmaker Jason Epperson, the first runner up on the Fox film director competition series On the Lot, got to make his first feature film a home state project. Unrequited, produced by Kentucky-based Lucky Day Studios shot in and around Lexington for most of July, with Twilight star Michael Welch playing the lead role of troubled teen Ben Jacobs. We got to spend part of a day on the set as Epperson, Welch and company prepared to film a key scene. Photos by Rich Copley | staff.

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Chico Fellini has a new sound and a new album

Chico Fellini’s first album “self titled” could open window to wider opportunities as the band prepares for their March CD release.

The packed night – Batman sells out

Almost anywhere you looked, you were going to see the same signs: “The Dark Knight – sold out.” The Movie Tavern was no different, tickets were gone hours before the show. But what was different than most theaters was the staff greeting you. Upon walking into the Movie Tavern you may have found the Catwoman leaning on the bar, Batman punching in food orders or the Joker could have greeted you and immediately asked if you had seen “his friend, Harvey Dent.”

The same crew will be serving on Friday, July 18 for all shows. Photos by Brad Luttrell | Staff

Slideshow: Maysville hosts premiere of Leatherheads

The town of Maysville welcomed George Clooney and Renée Zellweger for the premiere of Leatherheads, a romantic comedy directed by Clooney. Over 1500 fans were on hand to see the stars arrive on the red carpet. Photographs by Charles Bertram and Pablo Alcalá. Read more

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