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Keeneland in another light

One of the things I enjoy most is showing people things they don’t normally get to see. The infrared camera is another way to do that.

We all know what horses look like, and most of us in Central Kentucky have a good idea what Keeneland race track looks like. But I’m pretty sure none of us have ever thought about what Keeneland might look like in the infrared light spectrum. Read more

Blog: At home in Beijing

August 20, 2008 by Helena Hau  
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The Olympics brought all kinds of interesting characters to Beijing. I follow the light and try to capture the shadows that people have been neglected. Read more

Welcome to Churchill Downs.

April 29, 2008 by Jenn Ackerman  
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(From an intern’s perspective)

As a recent transplant to Kentucky, I am experiencing the Kentucky Derby for the first time. Well actually, I am experiencing racing and horses — lots of horses — for the first time. Read more

My vacation camera comes in handy

My Vacation Camera Comes in HandyI recently bought a nice little vacation movie/still camera called the Sanyo CG6 Xacti. It’s 6 megapixels, shoots stills and MPEG4 movies, 5x optical zoom, and does a very credible job, especially for Web use. I tucked it in my pocket when I covered, using my Canon SLRs, former President Bill Clinton as he campaigned Read more

C-A-T-S and mouse

March 20, 2008 by David Stephenson  
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If anyone ever wonders what we photographers do between games during tournament time – well, we often turn the cameras on ourselves.
Here, UK Athletics photographer David Coyle and Courier Journal photographer Bill Luster welcome Wildcat fans to the land of Disney for the NCAA first round game in Anaheim, Ca. on March 20.[shot with Canon G9 point-and-shoot]

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