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On the road!

March 20, 2006 by Mark Cornelison  
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Being on the road is alot of fun. There is pressure to produce and justify the money spent to send you somewhere. It is never cheap to go on the road, especially during NCAA tournament time. By the time you find out where the team is going you only have a day or two notice before you have to fly out to who knows where. When the team is doing really good in the season the first round is usually within a drive but when they struggle like this year you never know where you may end up. It does make things fun, getting to go to some new place and see some cool things you only have seen on television or movies.
On the day off between games this week, David Coyle, Bill Luster and I decided to check out the Rocky Balboa statue. We drove around town to where we were told it was , but were told it had been moved because they were filming a new Rocky. We went to the Philadelpha Museum of Art where it had been originally and was supposed to be now, but it was not there either. To save the day, Bill Luster and I struck the Rocky pose while David Coyle made a photo of it! Had to document the event of course.
On Sunday before the game we thought we would eat breakfast at the hotel to save time. We went in and it was Sunday brunch. The cost would be $62.00 each. FOR BRUNCH. So much for the perks of being on the road. We passed!

Site seeing!

March 18, 2006 by Mark Cornelison  
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One of the perks of the job is to visit different cities and do a little site seeing. The thing is when you are with other photographers some of the cool sites are created on the spot, not necessarily going to a historic place. I am in Philadelphia for NCAA basketball and today me and some other photographers, David Coyle from UK Athletics, and Bill Luster from the Courier-Journal thought we would do a little site seeing for two reasons. One, to see if there were any UK fans around who we could photograph on the day off should the Cats win, and two, we thought we better check out some of the historic sites just in case Kentucky lost on Friday night because then we would be leaving on Saturday. We started out by going to see the Liberty Bell. It did feel a little funny going to see the “Liberty” Bell and being scanned and x-rayed before being able to go in. Once inside we took a few photos and kept our eyes open for any UK fans. We were there about 1/2 hour and did not see one UK fan anywhere. It did not bode well for the fan search on Saturday but we moved on just the same. We saw Independence Hall, then headed for lunch at a place called “Jones” where we had a little wait. As we waited we noticed this awesome piece of frosted glass and the cool silhouettes as people came in. I decided to model a bit and struck a few poses behind the glass as Bill shot some photos. Once I came back in, Coyle and I leaned into the frame and were illuminated by some red heat lamps making a pretty cool and fun photo. A nice souvenir from Philadelphia showing it doesn’t have to be a landmark to be cool!

Kentucky Treasures makes appearance on WUKY


Charles Bertram, also considered by many to be a Kentucky Treasure, seemed to have a little difficulty figuring out where to put his headphones before our radio gig on Curtains @ 8 with Nick Lawrence last night. Charles, Jim Warren, also pictured, and I had the pleasure of discussion the Herald-Leader’s book published last month called Dr. Clark’s Kentucky Treasures.


December 7, 2005 by Herald Leader  
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This was a fun photo to be a part of with other members of the Lexington Herald-Leader photo staff. David Stephenson thought of using all hand-held remote flashes to light each other. Some of the flashes were fired by Pocket Wizard radio remotes. Some flashes had built-in slaves, and one had a Master Slave trigger on a PC cord. Whew! The other trick to this photo was to set each flash on about 1/8th or 1/16th power. One other thing: We’re all in the Herald-Leader’s freight elevator. — Dave Perry

Herald-Leader photo staff, from left,
Janet Worne, Pablo Acala, Mark Cornelison, David Stephenson, Charles Bertram, David Perry, right, and Frank Anderson (SEATED).
Photo is by Visual Director Ron Garrison. (Canon EOS-1D Mark II, 1/50th/sec, 16mm, F11, 200 ISO.)

Wrong Side of the Camera

November 9, 2005 by Herald Leader  
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Sometimes reporters just like to be in pictures. Like Andy Mead, for example, shown here to the right of the subjects in my picture of tornado damage taken in Henderson last Sunday, ‘pretending’ to be talking on the phone and not noticing that he was in the camera’s view. Typical reporter attention hog!
Actually, Andy is one of the best reporters on our staff for a photographer to work with. He is good at thinking about a story visually and most of the time will stay on my side of the camera.

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