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Second chance for singer wasn’t enough

December 27, 2008 by Brad Luttrell  
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There is no other way to put this: Tasha Harris screwed up again. But this time, she went to jail. And not just jail, but prison. For five years. FULL STORY

The beginning or the end?

August 3, 2008 by Brad Luttrell  
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Tasha Harris’ last call at Renfro Valley

She played there for 14 years, but this time was her last.

Tasha Harris said she didn’t know what she wanted to do after her last performance at Renfro Valley Entertainment Center on Aug. 2. She may start a band or tryout for Nashville Star or maybe this was it. She doesn’t know where to start, but she does know the performance brought back all of the emotions she loves about singing. Video by Brad Luttrell | Staff

Click here to hear Tasha talk about her addiction to OxyContin.
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“You don’t know me”

Once-promising singer seeks comeback from drugs

Nine out of 10 times Tasha Harris performed, she says now, she was high.

She performed for 14 years at Renfro Valley before being asked to get her life together. Not long after she was fired, she was arrested, and now, three years later, she is almost finished with drug court. Judge Thomas Jones has given her an opportunity she may have taken for granted so many times before: one last chance to sing at Renfro Valley.

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The great Lexington race

July 22, 2008 by Brad Luttrell  
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On Tuesday, July 22, you may have seen a few dozen kids running around with green t-shirts on. They may have tried to sell you a newspaper, or asked for directions to a building on UK’s campus. It wasn’t just a game, but a race. A version of the “Great American Race” took place in Lexington, and 45 middle schoolers were competing to win a pizza party. Video by Brad Luttrell | Staff

On set with a Superstar

Mike Thomas is returning to SummerFest for the first time since his bar-setting production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” in 2004. That production made Thomas a supertstar, and has his rendition of “Hair” a very anticipated piece. By Brad Luttrell & Rich Copley | Staff (For Rich’s story about Thomas’ involvement, click the “more” link below.) Read more

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