Ron Garrison, director of photography (859) 231-1601 [e-mail]
Tom Woods, assignment editor (859) 231-3344 [e-mail]
Charles Bertram, chief photographer (859) 231-1603 [e-mail]
Pablo Alcala, staff photographer (859) 231-1604 [e-mail]
Frank Anderson, staff photographer (retired) [e-mail]
Mark Cornelison, staff photographer (859) 231-3348 [e-mail]
David Perry, staff photographer (859) 231-3347 [e-mail]
David Stephenson, staff photographer (859) 231-1405 [e-mail]
Janet Worne, staff photographer (859) 231-1602 [e-mail]


Sharon Ruble, imaging director (859) 231-1326 [e-mail]
Lisa Edmondson, night picture editor (859) 231-1648 [e-mail]
Helena Hau, imaging specialist(859) 231-3447 [e-mail]
Kevin Maher, assistant imaging editor (859) 231-3447 [e-mail]

Fax: (859) 231-3224

Our mailing address is
Lexington Herald-Leader
100 Midland Ave.
Lexington, Ky 40508



Use the list at right to find phone numbers and e-mail addresses for our photo and imaging departments.

If you have a story idea or know of good future subjects for our photographers, let us know.