Stars come out for Barnstable Brown party


By Rich Copley and Rochelle Haliburton of the Lexington Herald-Leader

Connie Cordrey of Louisville strategically picked her spot.

“I like to be where I can see what the dresses look like when they get out of the limousine,” the 64-year-old Louisvillian said, standing outside the home of Patricia Barnstable Brown. And last night, Cordrey was looking forward to seeing the dress of one of Hollywood’s top fashion trendsetters.

“Paris Hilton!” people in the crowd yelled, when asked who they were waiting to see enter Brown’s annual Derby Eve gala she throws with her sister Priscilla Barnstable.

“I’ll be happy to see any celebrity,” said Amanda Steier, 14, who was sitting in a folding chair at the gate.

The Barnstable Brown Gala is a Derby Eve tradition that has brought out a constellation of stars for 20 years, including Bo Derek, Usher and the Backstreet Boys in their prime. The lineup for the 21st edition included Hilton, Brooke Shields, Woody Harrelson and Kid Rock.

Living across the street, Mary Fischer has seen a bunch of galas, and bunches of stars, even getting her picture snapped with celebrities like star chef Bobby Flay.

“We always love it when people come out and talk to us,” said Denise Morris, 56, of Louisville.

Last night saw one unwelcomed guest: rain. But the fans were undeterred.

“We’re ready,” Christy Marvin, 34, of Louisville said, pointing to her raincoat.

A little rain wasn’t going to come between these fans and the stars.

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