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Other special reports
or presentaions by Charles:

Charles' 2006 Year in Review

Santa Jack: On Christmas Eve 2005, WVLK-AM radio host Jack Pattie threw away his razor and began his transformation into becoming Santa Claus. A year later, the real-bearded Santa has become popular in the role of Santa.

Firelights: Platoon One at Fire Station 20 wanted to give something back to the community so instead of giving gifts to each other, they pooled their money and purchased a computerized musical holiday light display.

Remembering Homer: Nearly 350 people came Friday to pay their respects and remember Homer Ledford.

The Mule Man: 68-year-old Milford Lowe lives and farms on Pleasant Valley Road in Taylor County. He uses his mules to plow three different 5-acre tracts of tobacco close to his house.

2005 Year in Review:
A multimedia presentation

Hurricane Katrina: At the Scene
A multimedia presentation.

Child Obesity:
Young, Sick and Struggling



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