David Perry was born in Lexington and started taking photographs for the Herald-Leader in 1967 while he was still a senior at Tates Creek High School.

He worked for the newspaper through college, earning a bachelor's degree in telecommunications from the University of Kentucky in 1973.

And he still hasn't put down his camera, although the number of images he's captured and published is staggering.

His favorite part of the job: "documenting a community and state that have experienced many changes over 37 years."

He also notes that many faces on the national and international scene seem to find their way to Kentucky, and into David's camera.

A highlight of his career was a trip to Japan to photograph Kentuckians being trained in how to build automobiles for Toyota's first U.S. plant. He's also proud of covering three Final Four basketball championship games, and of being published in the Best of Photojournalism yearbooks.

His grown son, Ryan, lives in Lexington. David's hobbies include eating in restaurants, karaoke, and photographic history.





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