UPDATE: David has left the Lexington Herald-Leader to become the Photojournalism Adviser for UK's student newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel.

You can contact David here: david@davidstephenson.com

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He's captured images of boys riding camels across the deserts of Dubai and waited for the perfect moment to capture a red-winged blackbird gliding across a field of Kentucky wildflowers. But ask David Stephenson what his favorite subjects to photograph are, and you get an answer with tongue firmly in cheek: "Things that move slowly in good light in dry weather."

On a more serious note, he talks about getting paid to do things that many people only dream of doing, of meeting and learning from a diverse group of people, and of using photography as a tool to document history as well as communicate ideas and feelings.

"I like photographing events where I have to search for the meaningful photos," David said. "I liken it to hunting. I leave when I know I've bagged a good moment."

After earning a bachelor's degree in photojournalism from Western Kentucky University in 1992, David landed his first job with the Waterbury, Conn., Republican-American. Next, he and his wife, Angie, took on the wilderness of Jackson, Wyo. while he worked as a photographer and photo editor at the Jackson Hole Guide. After two years, they moved to suburban Chicago where David worked as a photo editor at one of the Copley chain's daily newspapers, the Aurora Beacon-News.

By 1997, David and Angie had decided that their native Kentucky was the place for them, quit their jobs with Copley, and moved to the Lexington area where freelancing got his foot in the door at the Herald-Leader. He has since won the National Press Photographer's Region 4 Photographer of the Year two times, the Kentucky Photographer of the Year in 2000 and 2002 and was named Sports Photographer of the year in 2005.

David and Angie live in Lexington with their young daughter Tory.




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