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Janet has made the switch from Herald-Leader Staff Photographer to Freelance Photographer and will be living in Albuquerque, New Mexico after September 25th, 2007.



Other special reports
or presentaions by Janet:

James Family Band: Paul James is the patriarch of a Bluegrass-loving family. Paul plays banjo; sons Robin, 29, Paul Jr., 28, Scott, 26, and Daniel, 21, play guitar, upright bass, fiddle and mandolin, respectively. The boy’s mother, Jean, sometimes joins in on vocals and, when the spirit moves her, she dances. Scott sells fiddles, mandolins and other instruments he crafts by hand from wood cut on their farm.

Love on a Leash: Love on a Leash is a group of dedicated dog lovers who use their dogs to brighten someone’s day with trips to nursing homes, hospitals and schools to provide emotional support. They are trained in obedience classes and tested before becoming certified for therapeutic work.

Old Growth Forest

Women Making a Difference: March is National Women’s History Month. It’s a time to reflect on the remarkable women who have left their mark on History. Most of them manage to fly under the radar and escape notice. But they are out there, quietly making a difference in their own corner of the world. Here we salute three of the many

Janet's 2006 Year in Review

Off and Running: The Keeneland 2006 Spring Meet is out of the starting gate and rounding the first turn. See photos and audio
by Janet Worne.

Waghdan's Healing Journey: A multimedia recap of an Iraqi girl's journey through skin graft surgery.

2005 Year in Review:
A multimedia presentation

Wildcat Roundup:
A multimedia presentation on the UK men's basketball regular season.

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