Janet Worne, who grew up in an East Coast family with three professional photographers, has spent more than 30 years looking at the world through a camera.

"I try to show more than what something looks like," she said. "I try to show what it feels like to be there, to know that person and to experience what they are experiencing.   And, because today's newspaper readers are more sophisticated, I try to surprise them with a view they haven't seen or expected."

Janet's degree is in anthropology and art, and her skills show most when capturing people, especially children.

She has worked at newspapers in Delaware and Maryland, and for the last 15 years, Kentucky.

"Hopefully I've spent that time with my brain engaged because that's where the art comes from," she said. "It doesn't come from the latest technological advances in photographic equipment.   It comes from thought processes." 

Janet has two daughters, Heather and Hilary. They haven't chosen to follow in Mom's footsteps, but they are both in college pursuing equally exciting careers in forensic anthropology and law, respectively. In her spare time, Janet volunteers as a dog handler with the Kentucky Search Dog Association. She helps look for lost people.



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