Every May, he spends a few days crawling on his hands and knees in all kinds of weather at thoroughbred tracks, putting cameras in places no human is allowed to be during a race. Come December, he is 90 feet above the basketball floor, hanging a remote camera for a fresh view.

And, before every sports season, Mark Cornelison's job is to come up with a cool cover photo for sports preview covers.

Cool is the driving force behind a lot of Mark's photos. He is trying to give people a view they can't get from their seat or a peek into an athlete's persona.

"I love the challenge of giving people a new view, or of having the pressure to come up with a new look for an athlete," Mark said.

People who ask him about famous people he's photographed never get a straight answer. Presidents, pro athletes, Tubby Smith, Roy Kidd, former Boyle County football coach Chuck Smith -- "It depends on who you think is famous," he said.

Mark left Eastern Kentucky University with a bachelor's in art with a photography emphasis. His first job was with the Richmond Register. He was soon shooting UK sports for the Cats Pause and doing freelance work for the Associated Press and the Herald-Leader. He started full time at the Herald-Leader in 1994.

Mark lives in Lexington with two great dogs, Jack and Abby.

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