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Cornell falls 62-45 to Kentucky in Sweet 16 – 62-45

Cornell can’t keep up with Kentucky in Sweet 16. Photos by Mark Cornelison and Charles Bertram | Staff

#2 Kentucky fights/wins 58-56 over Vandy

#2 Kentucky fights/wins 58-56 over Vandyin Nashville. Photos by Mark Cornelison | Staff

Kentucky Beats Mississippi 85-75 in Rupp Arena

The Wildcats beat a stubborn Ole Miss 85-75 in Rupp Arena. Staff Photos by Charles Bertram and David Perry

SEC Titans Clash As Kentucky Beats Vandy.

SEC Titans Clash As Kentucky Beats Vandy. Photos by David Perry and Mark Cornelison | Staff

Arkansas runs into “buzz saw” as UK wins 101-70

Kentucky Beat Arkansas in Rupp Arena on Jan. 23 to remain undefeated. Staff photos by Mark Cornelison and David Perry

Game story| Box| John’s Clay

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