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A Lexington Independence Day

An all-encompassing look at what the 4th of July in Lexington is really like…

Starting at 7:30 a.m. with the Bluegrass 10,000, Independence Day in Lexington was underway. There were winners, losers, and those who just had fun. People milled in the streets afterward, eating, talking, and sometimes even dancing. Floats went by in the afternoon, and spirits were high. The night closed with a concert and a colorful fireworks display. MORE BLUEGRASS 10,000 PHOTOS.

Taking the Wheel to the Sky

June 30, 2008 by Brad Luttrell  
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This flight did not serve beverages or offer a lavatory. Two aviation campers take to the sky with pilot Jeremy Growdon after training on flight simulators and learning the basics of aviation. April Cook, 15, said this would be her eighth time flying, and she was only excited and not nervous at all. Nicole Jordan, 16, was piloting for her second time and was a little worried with the weather. Video by Brad Luttrell | Staff

The best beer in town

June 30, 2008 by Brad Luttrell  
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Beer has about 2,000 flavor compounds and can possess tastes and aromas that run the gamut from green apple to skunk. Seven judges gathered at Kentucky Ale to decide on the home brewer’s who combined just the right combination of the tasty flavors, not so many of the skunk-like ones and a dominant appearance as well. Video by Brad Luttrell | Staff

Swinging into Summer

Photos by Brad Luttrell | Staff
Summer can’t officially start until the annual Elizabeth Ann Seton Country Fair has arrived. “This is the start of summer and the end of school,” said Mary Buckles as she watched her daughter, C.J. Buckle climb down from the swings. “And it’s a great fund raiser for the church.”

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Track to the past

May 24, 2008 by Brad Luttrell  
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There was a not-so-common site on the railroads between Louisville and Lexington on May 24. RJ Corman Railroad Company took its steam locomotive out for a ride. Packing six hopper cars full of sand from Louisville the old train brought the load to Lexington and made stops along the way.

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