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Rivals, Ky.

Somewhere, appropriately enough, between Lexington and Louisville, off Interstate 64, south on Ky. 55, swinging through Ky. 1169 because the 55 turn is so confusing, and looking for a big 45-degree hook in the road, you find three houses in the bottomland and wonder, who is at war here? It is neither Wildcat nor Cardinal. No sign of either on the eve of the big football game. It’s the tiny community of Rivals, Ky. in Spencer County. Photographs by Charles Bertram/ Words by Amy Wilson

Super Saver and Calvin Borel wins 136th Kentucky Derby

Super Saver with Calvin Borel up wins the 136th Kentucky Derby making it two in a row for Borel.

Jumbo, Ky

As Raymond Lewis tells it, this was all virgin timber and wilderness when Morgan Smith claimed 1,400 acres and began logging through here. He got himself a sawmill and some animal help in there to speed the work. When the time came to name the Lincoln County town, the name of the animal seemed to fit the mood nicely.
The animal was an elephant. His name was Jumbo.
Jumbo words by Amy Wilson with Jumbo photographs by Charles Bertram