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‘The Little Foxes’ at the Bodley-Bullock House

Voices from the past have filled the Bodley-Bullock House for the past few weeks, whispering and occasionally shouting about familial treachery.

This would be the right time of year for such spirits to arise in a nearly 200-year-old house, and people do say a ghost haunts the premises.

But more chatter floats to the high ceilings of the historic ­downtown Lexington house, which has been the home of a mayor and a general and even housed Union and Confederate troops at times during the Civil War.

These conversations are about props and costumes and scenes: The Bodley-Bullock House is now home to the inaugural performance by On the Verge Productions. That plot of family infighting and intrigue is the story of Lillian ­Hellman’s The Little Foxes, which the company is ­bringing to life on the first floor of the house. Each performance will play to a tiny audience that will move around the house as the action of the play changes rooms.

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Fall Arts 2008

For our fall arts preview, we took a look at how artists in Central Kentucky make all or a portion of their living from the arts. As part of that, we profiled five area artists whose work supports them to some extent. The profiles included portraits by Herald-Leader staff photographer Mark Cornelison. In the slide show, you can see the portraits as well as pictures of the artists at work and hear and read their comments about their art and life.

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